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Frequently Asked Questions


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Post Licensing

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Continuing Education

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A: You will take this class to become a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina.  Anyone who wants to list, lease, buy, exchange, auction, negotiate, or sell real estate for others for compensation, must have a real estate license.

A:  Please read the requirements in  the publication Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina  

A:  Licensing law requires a min of 75 hour course, our class time is a total of 84 hours to include the final exam.  

A:  Licensing law requires a min of 75 on the end of course final.  

A:  Our school policy states you must make a min of 65 to retake the exam.  If you make below a 65  chances are you would not pass the exam a second time. 

A:  Per licensing law you will be required to retake the course.  We offer a deep discount for those who take the course a second time.  The cost will be $150.00  

A:  Yes, for various reasons some must take the class more than two times.   Should you have to take the class  more than twice our course fee will be $250.00  each time.  

A:  In North Carolina there is only one license, so you can  practice residential, commercial or property management once you are licensed.  You may need additional training to be competent in you area of practice once you are licensed.  

A:  Yes, per license law in NC you are required to take 3 additional 30 hour classes within 18 months of licensure.  Please see our page about   Post Licensing

A:  While we stress not to miss any course time.  NC  license law says you MUST attend a minimum of 80% of class time to  meet the requirement for course completion.

A: You will need something to take notes.  Some type of device that has a  webcam and microphone. We will have a private Facebook group for each class for the purpose of communication. We will utilize Schoology and Kahoots.  And of course your text book.

A: PSI is a testing facility that has been contracted to administer the states real estate broker license exam.

A: PSI have multiple locations across the state, however, there is a location in Fayetteville.

A: We recommend once you have registered for a real estate course to begin your back ground check. You will need to reference the past 7 years of residence, so if you have lived in multiple states  there is a chance your background check could take more time.  Do not wait until you have passed the course.

A:  If you are worried about a past incident you may elect to fill out a   Petition for predetermination form .  You must have applied for a criminal background check no more than 60 days prior to applying and there is a $45.00 fee for  this application.

See  Rule 21 NCAC 58a .0305 for more information!

A:  We will make determinations on a case by case basis.   Our director has the final say.   Any payment arrangements made must be paid in full prior to our end of course exam!

A:  Your license only gives you permission to practice in the state of North Carolina, however, each state has their own rules.   You will need to contact the state with which you would like to practice real estate to ascertain their licensing requirements.  You will most likely visit that states Real Estate Commission website and review their FAQ.

Post Licensing

A: NCREC has given an extension to all Provisional Brokers as to the completion date of their post licensing.  At this time an extension date has been set as of September 30, 2020. for those who needed to complete their post licensing while we have been in a state mandated lock down.  If you are not sure if the extension period applies to you please contact the NCREC to verify your own dates.  Terry Farr Real Estate School is offering post licensing and CE during this time if you should not want to wait.  Please see our schedule above.

A: You may begin registering and taking post licensing after you have become a licensee.  Rule changes as of July 1, 2020 states you must be licensed prior to taking any post licensing course.

A: Effective July 1, 2020 NCREC commission rules no longer have a 7 day separation requirement with regard to post licensing.

A: No you may take the courses in any order, however, they were designed to be taken in order.

A: Maybe?  Per NCREC Licensing Rule A.1903, an extension could be granted if you can provide satisfactory evidence to the Commission for the delay.  Per the rule, you will not be granted an extension if the Commission feels the reason for the delay was due to the provisional broker’s failure to obtain the required education in a timely manner.  If this question does not satisfactorily answer your question, it would be wise to contact the Commission at (919)875-3700 to discuss your situation.

A: As of July 1, 2020 the rule will be all 3 courses must be completed within 18 months from the issuance of your license.  If you have received your license prior to this date information should have been issued to you as to when all of your courses need to be completed.  Please note the recent virus outbreak has created an extension period.  If you received an email at the beginning of August, 2020 from the commission please note you may need to complete all your classes prior to September 30, 2020 to remain active. You may contact the commission at 919-875-3900 to verify your information!

A: Yes! As of July 1, 2020 all education providers are required to give a proctored end of course exam. All exams will be proctored, textbooks nor any other course materials will NOT be allowed.

A: Yes, however, you must be present for 90% of the course time.  Post licensing students who miss more than the 90% attendance requirement will not receive credit for the class and will not be submitted to the commission for course credit.  This is 3 hours for a 30 hour course.  

Further, should the class the student is attending be a synchronous course that student will be removed from the zoom meeting and will not be allowed to return.

A: You will need to discuss this with the school director.  Each situation will be view on a case by case basis.  If more than the 90% required attendance time is missed the student will not be submitted for completion!  Most likely you will be allowed to register for a different course without a fee.

A. Each year a licensed real estate broker needs a total of 8 hours of continuing education.  4 hour Update 4 hour Elective

A. You will be responsible for taking continuing education every year after your first license renewal.

A. No, continuing education is 3 courses you must take in order to drop your provisional status.  Continuing education is to keep your license active.

A. Look no further we offer many continuing education electives and the update course that is required to keep your license active.

A. That depends on your licensing status!  All provisional brokers and most non-provisional brokers will take the General update (GENUP)  Non-provisional brokers who are Brokers in Charge of a firm or have BIC eligible status will take the Broker in Charge update (BICUP).

A. If the wrong update is taken you will not receive credit for having taken an update course and your license could be placed in an inactive status as of July 1st of the next CE term.  As long as the correct update is taken by June 10th you will be not be placed in an inactive status.

A. Nothing as long as you take the correct update (BICUP) prior to the deadline of June 10th.  

If you do not you will no longer be a BIC or BIC eligible as of July 1st.  You will have to make up the missed hours take the current years update and elective, fill out the form 2.25 BIC Eligible status & Broker in Charge Designation,as well as take the 12 hour BIC course to regain your BIC status.

A. Yes, you may take as many electives as you like, however, only 1 additional elective will roll over for credit to the next CE cycle.

A. No, the requirement for ethics comes from the Association of REALTORS (R).  You may either take a seminar with your local association (if offered) or you may take an ethics elective which will satisfy the Associations requirement and satisfy the 4 hour CE requirement.

A. The Association of REALTORS (R) requires an ethics course be taken once every 3 years.  The 3 year time frame runs on a cycles so everyone is on the same cycle.

Q. You may visit you record at Login at  You will need your license number and either the last four of your social security number or the password you set for yourself.

A. On July 1st of the next CE cycle your license will go inactive.  After July 1st you will need to make up the hours missed plus take the current years update and elective.

A. Each year the CE deadline is June 10th.  For those who weren’t able to get their CE in time for June of 2020 an 90 day emergency extension was put into place.  The extension deadline is September 30, 2020.

A. You will need to take 1 or 2 electives by September 30, 2020 to make up the hours you missed from last year.   The email from the commission will tell you how many hours are needed.  You are still responsible for getting your update and elective for the current year.