Thank you to everyone who has been patient while we work out how to continue providing you excellent service during this crazy time. 

You may have gotten an email from NCREC that said you have until September 30th to keep your license active.
It’s OK we are here to help! If you go to our website, 
What you need right now is to take 1 or 2 electives to make up your hours that you missed last year. The email should tell you how many hours you need.
You may be asking why do I have to take so many electives. The reason is we can no longer teach the update from last year, but you must have the hours in order to maintain an active license. So, to allow you to make those up you will take a 4 hour elective to make up for each of the 4 hours you missed.
Please note you are still responsible for take this years Update and elective by June 10th 2021!
We recommend that you go ahead and get those hours knocked out! This way you wont have to worry about CE anymore until July 2021.
This years Update is packed full of information! Like: changes to Fair Housing! Security Protocol you should be following, and updates to the NCREC laws & rules, etc.
It is imperative that you learn this information as soon as possible. The changes to Fair Housing alone are worth it.
We hope this explanation has helped and we will see you in class soon!

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Continuing Education

Terry Farr Real Estate School, Inc. has been providing Continuing Education for many years in the Fayetteville community and many other communities around North Carolina.  

Each year real estate agents within North Carolina need 8 hours of continuing education no later than  June 10th to maintain an active status.

We proudly provide the Broker-in-Charge update, the General Update and a variety of Electives. Each Course is geared toward reinforcing licensing laws, Real Estate Commission rules, making brokers better, and keeping brokers out of hot water.

You will take either:

GENUP (4 hours) and 1 Elective (4 hrs) (of your choosing)

BICUP (4 hours) and 1 Elective (4 hrs) (of your choosing)

If you are unsure which courses to take please visit our FAQ section.

***Note*** No online option is available for your update per NC Real Estate Commission Rules!

Up Dates!

We offer both the General Up date for Brokers and The Broker-in-Charge Up date For those who are Broker’s-in-Charge and BIC eligible.


There are many electives to choose from at Terry Farr. Check our schedule for an elective that’s interesting to you.

Coming Soon!

Online Elective Courses

While the Update must be live and in person the electives can be completed online.  Stay tuned for our online continuing education courses!